let's explore how, we, even as an individual can create an everlasting IMPACT ON SOCIETY...

Impact On Society
We are the society. It is comprised of us, made by us, shaped by us and gets impacted by us. But, we all sometime or the other have been negligent about this fact and become too individualistic in our approach. We must never forget that just as a chain is formed out of several links, numerous individuals form a society. Every individual act will have an impact on the rest of the individuals and the society, no matter how small or big and no matter positive or negative. Just like the ripple effect, where even a tiny drop of water causes ripples expanding across the water; smallest of the acts impact throughout the society incrementally. So, let's explore this time at TEDXIBABangalore how we, even as an individual, can better the society we live in and create an everlasting IMPACT ON SOCIETY...
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